Anticipation: “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galations 6:9

God planted an idea in me for a children’s book many moons ago. Actually, it was around the same time that our family was called to homeschool. Never in my life had I felt so lost in doing something until I stepped out of the public school arena of education and into the position of being the sole teacher to our daughters at home. “Now What?” was birthed from the process we have gone through in finding our “flow.” When I was just a teenager, I dreamed of illustrating “funnies” or cartoons, so I’m excited to share that I am also illustrating this book. That little seed is growing into a tree and I can’t wait to see the fruit! Please join me in celebrating new beginnings and thanking God for the gifts and talents He gives each of us! Come back here, to check for updates!

2/25/2021 Update

Welcome back! What a strange week of weather we had in Texas a mere week ago. My heart went out to the sea turtles being rescued down in south Texas’ South Padre Island. When mother nature brought frigid temps for several day, humans weren’t the only ones affected. Thanks to some very loving people, most sea turtles were safe and warm and released back into the ocean this week! During the snow storm of the century, I was busy doing some revising and starting my storyboard sketches! Children’s picture books are better printed in multiples of 8, with 24 pages being a minimum. So, I am still working out the logistics of which text will go on which page. I did decide that all of my illustrations are going to be “spreads,” which means that one illustration will span the width of two adjacent pages. I’m also going to create a color palette that I’ll be using for the illustrations. To show progression of time, I will use alternating warm colors and cool colors. I am using an iPad Pro and an Apple Pen to make the magic happen. So far, I’m happy with Procreate, but will explore other options, like Adobe Illustrator, if I see that Procreate doesn’t do all I want it to. Some next steps are: praying for God to continue to boost my creativity, more research, finding inspiration for my artwork from a variety of sources, making cool and warm color palettes, take a course on that teaches techniques on Procreate, decide on which “medium” to use within Procreate based on what I learn in the course……but I am leaning towards watercolor.

In other news—please bare with me as my blog site will be getting an overhaul soon. Sweet Tendrils of Faith will become a place for you to come to read the word of God and be encouraged AND a place you can come to read about our Homeschooling Journey. I will be sharing what has worked well, what hasn’t worked at all and offering useful information that I’ve learned about teaching children along the way. This “Works in Progress” page will likely remain the same, so you can catch updates pinned to the top of the page as they come. My techy husband is my partner on all things webpage, so making time we can both commit to transferring my blogspot to a webpage is a challenge!

In more news— I am part of an online group of ladies called Truth to Table. We meet online each Thursday evening. This semester, we are reading through Havilah Cunnington’s book, “I Do Boundaries.” She shared something personal that helped her tremendously and I’m going to share it with you, because it really helps me, too!

‘TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED.’ There’s no rush! God isn’t going to leave you behind. Lean in and let go of the timeline of growth. Embrace life, ‘moment-by-moment’ and you’ll find the path to abundant living. Life will get so much easier.

Havilah Cunnington, “I Do Boundaries”

In a society that is addicted to instant gratification, it can be hard to start a personal project that will take weeks, months, or even years. (Especially when it’s a hobby and only squeezed in where it’ll fit!) But, it’s true, THERE IS NO RUSH! Just sit back, enjoy the process and lean in to God. Let the Holy Spirit guide your steps. I encourage you to tackle that “thing” that you haven’t started yet. You just have to get started, don’t be intimated by the massiveness of the whole thing! TAKE YOUR TIME! THERE’S NO RUSH! Thanks for stopping by, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and!

2/19/2021 Update

Current Step: Research

I’m currently researching sea turtles! As part of this research, I am tracking several of these wondrous creatures online. Caroline, Miss Piggy, Mr T, Richard and Rainn have my heart! The 2021 Tour de Turtles will begin this May. We are super excited about the tour and will spend an ample about of our homeschooling time studying these amazing reptiles. Check out this video to see what we are getting hyped up about!

Next steps: Story Revising and Editing, Storyboard Sketch, Book Dummy, Illustration, Add color, Publish, Print.