Our family started the 7th (SEVENTH!!!!)  year of homeschooling this year! Let me tell you, our enemy, the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy…..yes, that one, tried to attack this decision over the summer. You see, I am certified by the State of Texas to teach Early Childhood through 4th grade. Well, this year, Cadence and Brenlee are 5th Graders. “Are you sure you should do this, you have never taught 5th grade before? Are you sure you’re enough, you aren’t certified to teach children at this level and beyond? How are you sure that what you have to offer is enough? Are you sure you’re not failing them? Shouldn’t you find someone that will do a better job than you?” The interrogation ensued for several weeks. Recalling the reason my husband and I chose for ourselves to give Cadence and Brenlee their education; I took a deep breath and continued in faith. I’m so glad I did. You see, when God calls you to something, He equips you. He doesn’t go around handing out physical diplomas, degrees, and certificates. No, He is in the business of establishing supernatural capabilities to fulfill His purpose and His plans. And, oh, it’s so much better His way!!  Hey, Satan, get behind me. We will continue to be our children’s teachers. We will love God with all our hearts and minds. We will spend time thinking about the things of heaven and having a relationship with Jesus. We will work on Bible Literacy. Everything else will fall in place after that. Rightfully.

Are you feeling the call to homeschool? If so, I’d love to connect with you! May God bless you today, as you embrace the fullness of His love.