Make Haste!

Author: Candi Beck

Make haste, the time is now,

Let not a second waste!

Maybe you think you’re not ready,

but God, His hands have been steady.

Wake up and look around,

The harvest is abound!

The time is here, the time is now!

Could the message be any more clear?

One will say, “You reap what you sow.”

It is true, so you know.

You may argue,

“My time is overdue.”

I am here to remind you today,

God will simply say,

“I am sending you to harvest where you didn’t plant,

so never grumble that you can’t.”

Make haste, the time is here, the time is now!

Inspired Poetry from John 4:34-38

Maybe you feel like you do not have much of a purpose in the Kingdom of God due to your past. (Or lack thereof!) I mean, even I hear Satan whispering in my ear, “Who do you think you are? You are not capable of leading others to Jesus. You are not capable of teaching God’s word, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” I know just who I am, Satan! I am God’s daughter; an heir to His throne! I am capable. I will have overwhelming victory through Christ Jesus! Have you answered the call to expand God’s kingdom? What is something you are doing as a response? Do you feel equipped? Let’s do this together! The time is NOW!

Featured Image from Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Make Haste!

  1. Yes! I don’t want to let Satan compel me as he did Eve… Wondering if God’s good and if I’m really His!

    Like Father, like daughter…I am victorious!

    What joy awaits us! Let’s go!

    Thank you Candi!

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