He Loves Me When I Bogey

Old Course, Hole 18, St. Andrews, Scotland

Today, this lovely Thanksgiving Eve, I am bursting at the seams with things to give thanks for! Over on the YouVersion Bible App, I’m heading up a Bible Devotion. (Please let me know if you’re interesting in joining our family!) Today we read about Rahab, the Harlot of Jericho. Adorned by a scarlet letter, she was instrumental in the walls of Jericho falling down and Israel gaining a step in their quest to the Promised Land.

Scarlet is the color of colors that signifies warning, even the eye of the bull is drawn to it. Yet, when clothed in the faith, God looks down upon us, not seeing that scarlet stain. Today, we all wear scarlet. Good thing that the blood of Jesus Christ is colorblinding. God does not look at me and see my past. He does not look at me and see my inequities.

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Romans 3:23

I am reminded of the infamous Old Course golf course in St. Andrews, Scotland; regarded as the Home of Golf. Since the 15th century, elite golfers like Jack Nichlaus, Seve Ballesteros’ and Constantino Rocca have tried their hand at the legendary 18th hole. Check out this 1970 video of Doug Sanders at the British Open. For the non golfers, a bogey is one short of par. Say, if hole 18 is a 4 par, it is said to take 4 good swings to get that little ball in the hole. If you get a bogey, it took you 5 swings to achieve the goal. You fell short.

Golf pro, Doug Sanders, made a bogey, missing his winning putt at the British Open. He had all the tools; he had all the knowledge. He had prepared. He still fell short. What a dire disappointment! While the world remembers Doug Sanders for his shortcomings for the most part; the reminder this Thanksgiving is, just like God looked down upon Rahab and didn’t see the scarlet stain, He looks down at me and sees His own Son. We are loved by God when we bogey, double bogey, TRIPLE BOGEY! I love that about Jesus!

Pray with me,

Thank you, Jesus, for covering us with your blood! Thank you, God, for Rahab and her example, releasing ANY doubt that we may have about not being good enough to be in the family of God. Thank you for not defining me by my past! Thank you for loving me when I bogey everyday! I love you, Jesus!

What are you thankful for today? I am blessed by reading your comments and would to hear from you today! I will say a special blessing over each of the comments I receive here and on Facebook today 🙂

2 thoughts on “He Loves Me When I Bogey

  1. Thankful for the family God has blessed me with. A wife that is my best friend and loves me with all my flaws. A job that allows me to care for them and friends that I can lean on and hold me accountable.

  2. This is really good news for a woman like me! I’m a triple bogey kinda gal at the very least! Hahaha! Praise God! Not only forgiven but placed in the family! wow! Wow!! WOW!!!

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